MooNSTER is one of the first recreative real time video software.
Its purpose is to create video animations quickly and easily, and synchronise it in real
time on the music, with a cheap home PC. 

Download the evaluation versionOrder it OnLine with AudioVisualizers With MooNSTER, you can create easily your special effects, record yourself and generate amazing videos (screen shots). 

You control images in real time with your PC keyboard and you can synchronise your live sessions with any audio CD track. 

Finally, encode your creations in a video file (MPEG, AVI, FLI/FLC...) or build a standalone executable demonstration, freely spreadable... 


The real time rendering engine that will let you play and record your visuals. MooNSTER clevery transforms your standard computer keyboard in a real visual keyboard. 

Your computer becomes a new kind of instrument, offering you a real time 3D renderer and many special effects or visual filters to apply to your own images, videos or 3D objects. 

By combining these different elements, you will be able to create an infinity of visual environments. 

Videos: AVI, FLI, FLC, MPEG, MOV; Images: BMP, JPG, PCX,
PNG, TGA; Objects: 3DS, COB, DXF, LWO, MD2, OBJ, RAW.
PC Pentium 166 MHz - 32 Mb of RAM - 2 Mb Video Card
CD-ROM drive - Standard 102 keys keyboard - Windows 95/98


Is built around a highly intuitive graphical user interface which takes full advantage of WindowsÔ point-and-click capabilities. It was written to create quickly and easily the media database you will use in MooNSTER ENGINE. 

The only thing you have to do is browsing your hard drive and drag the desired thumbnails on the virtual keyboard. 

You will find on the CD-ROM more than 300 media files (videos, images, 3D objects) to start your creations...

MooNSTER has been tested for four years in french techno parties, and many different conferences. It handles now a huge set of psykotik 2D, 3D and video effects. 

MooNSTER is not only a new visual instrument for VJ (Vidéo-Jockeys), but also for all image addicts who need to create stunning video animations and special fxs...

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Concept and Production by MoDEL